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Welcome Ayurveda!

Ayurveda is the natural health system

of India, often called yoga's 'sister science'. It has been practiced continuously for more than 5000 years making it the longest practiced health science on the planet. It is also the foundation of all other healing systems. Ayuveda has a

fascinating history: originating from

the deep meditative practices of the ancient wise seers of India, spreading

throughout Asia and Europe,

and eventually throughout the world.

This wonderfully comprehensive healing medicine teaches us that we

have the wisdom within us to heal our bodies and spirits. When we pay

attention and listen to what's

happening inside, we will know how to take care of ourselves. Simple changes in diet, sleep, exercise, and daily

routines can produce dramatic results.

We are each born with a unique constitution and have unique needs for our health. One diet or lifestyle will not work for everyone. Ayurveda teaches

us the importance of taking control and taking responsibility for our own

special health needs.

When we live with the natural rhythms

of the Earth, we find comfort in the

ebb and flow of the Universal energies and easily come into balance.

(pronounced Ah-yur-vay-dah)





deep cleansing












Ayurvedic Dosha Types

Ayurveda uses the classic elements of air, fire and water to classify the 3 overall body types or 'doshas'. Learning about your individual body/mind constitution helps you to learn more about yourself, your needs, your disease tendencies and how to keep optimal balance in your life.

Vata people are usually thin, may be quite short or tall, talkative, have dry skin, move quickly, tire easily, do not easily gain weight. They are like the wind- cool, dry, mobile.

Pitta individuals have a medium, athletic build, strong appetites, sweat easily, love cold food and drinks. They are like fire- hot, sharp, driven.

Kapha people have a solid, sturdy build, gain weight easily, have slow digestion, high stamina, moist skin, good memory. They are like water- heavy, cold, damp.

The 3 doshas are also found in the mind:

Perhaps you are a WATER person- calm, caring, dependable, sweet!

(but maybe you are stubborn at times)

Or maybe you are a FIRE person- passionate, courageous, funny, fiesty!

(are you sometimes easily angered?)

How about AIR- social, creative, enthusiatic, colorful!

(do you get anxious when you are stressed?)

Can you relate to any of these descriptions? Of course we each have some of each dosha but usually one is predominant. Ask Beverly for a quiz to learn more about your type or search online for 'Ayurvedic test '; there are many available.

Planning a Personal Ayurvedic Consultation

1. contact Beverly at the studio or email [email protected] let her know your overall health goals or specific health problems.

2. complete Ayurvedic Questionnaire and Health History- pick up at the studio or mailed out.

3. make appointment for initial consultation- Beverly is currently available evenings and weekends, plan 1 1/2 hr.

4. follow-up meeting- please plan at least one other session to review your progress and celebrate your success!- 1 hr.

5. contact Beverly with any concerns or questions. She is commited to your wellness. All information is kept strictly confidential. Cost: $40 per session.

Beverly Walsh Gobbi, AyC

Kripalu-certified Ayurvedic Health Consultant

Treat yourself to an individual consultation and begin to come in tune to yourself!